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About MMT

Since 1952, MMT Productivity has been a catalyst for CNC advancements in Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Region metal working supplies industry with ties to local community, and professional machine tool associations. As a leading machine tool distributor, MMT Productivity provides machine tools, tooling & accessories, robots and related equipment for manufacturing in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, is committed to helping companies implement innovative solutions to meet manufacturing challenges and achieve a high standard of quality with superior results. Our salespeople, application engineers, training personnel, and service technicians are committed to helping you select install and operate the best equipment to most effectively manufacture your specific quality parts. Our commitment to helping produce exceptional results is a process that requires a timely installation, which continues beyond the warranty and throughout the productive life of the equipment. Our engineering team can assist you in the research, evaluation and planning of using industrial robotic automation in your facility, as well as the design and development of robotic systems, depending on your needs.

MMT Productivity distributes a broad range of machine tool supplies including milling, turning, swiss turning, multi-tasking, grinding and fabrication manufacturing equipment as well as electrical discharge machining (EDM). We know your profitability relates directly to the accessories you utilize. Whether your goal is to increase tool performance, extend tool life or improve your process, We have the knowledge and products to make a positive impact on your bottom line. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to doing business with you… MMT Productivity.

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A solid commitment to help you meet your manufacturing goals and overcome challenges. We find the right machine for your job from milling, turning, multi-tasking, grinding, laser marking and 3D manufacturing equipment to Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

Using industrial robotic automation in your facility requires research, evaluation and planning. We provide these solutions, including designing and developing robotic integrated systems.

Make your new machine purchase smooth and easy by providing complete turn-key solutions including automation, capability studies, special layouts, SPC and a predetermined run-off requirement.

We carry an extensive line of tooling & accessories from more than 300 vendors. Cutting tools, spindle speeders, angle heads, coolant inducers, tool holders, boring systems, tool presetters, turning tooling, cutting fluids and lubricants, tool crib storage management, vises and workholding products, EDM tooling, integrated supply and much more are available.

Knowledgeable and experienced sales engineers dedicated to helping you increase tool performance, improve shop processes, extend tool life, and meet your industrial goals.

Complete machine servicing, spare part sales, preventive maintenance.and rotary and live tool repair under one roof.

We’re proud of our special relationships with regional technical colleges. By providing training support, demonstrations, tooling applications, school discounts on CNC machines and hosting a student day, we are helping prepare future generations of qualified staff.

Core Values And Beliefs

At MMT Productivity we operate with integrity and always keep in mind our core areas of focus, values and beliefs.

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Our customers are provided with excellent products and services with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and responsiveness.


Employees are our first customers. Each team member is treated with respect and encouragement to do what is best to inspire customer loyalty. Each team member is critical to achieving success.


Our supplier relationships are highly valued. We represent each aggressively with fairness and responsiveness.


We are dedicated to quality; quality products, quality of service, quality of relationships, quality of our communications, and quality of our promises.


A creative can-do spirit that seeks and rewards improvement is essential in all that we do, with a sense of fun in our daily work.


Profit is not the ultimate goal, but necessary to continue serving our customers and employees. It is the result of everyone’s contributions toward serving our customers, and will be shared.


Individually and as a company, we believe in helping our community through our time, talents and financial resources.

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