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Preventive Maintenance

MMT Productivity Service Engineers can design a machine tool preventive maintenance program tailored to your specific machining needs and production environment. These programs are designed to maximize the amount of time equipment is available for processing parts, and to ensure that machines continuously operate at capability specifications for accuracy and repeatability.

Engineers will work with company personnel to develop an appropriate schedule for the periodic CNC machine maintenance. Mean-time-to-failure statistics support recommendations for stocking critical spare parts, as well as consumable and high wear parts to be replaced as a preventive measure during periodic maintenance. Diagnostics such as ball bar testing are used to identify performance trends predictive of down time or process quality concerns.

The best approach to dealing with unplanned downtime is to avoid it in the first place through the application of a CNC preventive maintenance strategy. Of course some unplanned down time is inevitable, but customers who have successfully maintained a preventive maintenance program report having saved millions of dollars in found capacity without adding additional machines. Ask one of our engineers what a preventive maintenance program would mean to your manufacturing capacity and profitability.

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Machine Tools

Mechanical System

  • Check machine level
  • Verify spindle sweep
  • Check gear shift operation*
  • Check spindle orientation alignment
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Inspect and adjust tool changer system
  • Inspect spindle taper condition
  • Inspect way cover wipers
  • Check tool change operation
    Clean/lubricate tool changer
    Inspect counterbalance system
    Check & adjust X, Y, Z backlash
    Inspect lines, hoses and cables

Way Lube System

  • Clean filters
  • Inspect lines and fittings
  • Verify lube/pump operation

Coolant System

  • Operation check of pump and motor
  • TSC Systems*

Air System

  • Clean filters
  • Check pressure/adjust regulator
  • Inspect system for leaks

Electrical System

  • Clean electrical cabinet
  • Check voltages
  • Inspect connections/terminal
  • Inspect grounds
  • Replace or clean fan filter
  • Check limit switches/safety locks
  • Check motor brushes
  • Keypad operation
  • Check all fans

Lathe Preventive Maintenance Only

  • Verify turret/spindle alignment

Optional Special Services:

  •  Ball Bar Analysis – Tests circularity and verifies the positioning accuracy and repeatability of your machine tool.
  • Vibration Analyzer- Measures and records machine vibration characteristics within the drive system. Verifies machine vibration against established criteria. Use as a benchmark for future tests.
  • Where applicable
FANUC Robots

MMT/Moncktons is equipped to help you with all of your FANUC robot maintenance and service needs. An MMT Preventive Maintenance program gives you peace of mind that your robot is operating in top condition. Productivity manages your tailored service plan so that you don’t have to ­— by providing dedicated personnel, easy scheduling and annual service reminders.

An MMT/Moncktons robotic preventive maintenance is performed annually, or at 2000 robot hours, whichever comes first. You can expect an expert technician to perform the following checks:

  • Check the mechanical unit cables to make sure that they are free from severe kinks, that there are no cuts or tears in the wire insulation and that all terminations are secure.
  • Tighten the external main mounting bolts.
  • Clean all chips and debris from the mechanical unit.
  • Check the mounting bolts/ screws on the end effector/ end of arm tool and tighten, if necessary.
  • Check the robot connection cables to make sure that they are free from severe kinks, that there are no cuts or tears in the wire insulation and that all terminations are secure.
  • Grease the balancer housing, if applicable for your robot.
  • Inspect and where necessary clean the controller cabinet of dust and dirt.
  • Replace the mechanical unit batteries – do NOT let them die. Failure to replace the batteries before they die may result in you having to re-master the robot.
Daily Machine Tool Preventive Maintenance

Things you can do between Preventive Maintenance visits to help extend the life of your machine and keep it in smooth running condition:

  • Perform a visual check of the entire machine.
  • Get to know your machine by referring to the maintenance section of your operator’s manual.
  • Check the hydraulic unit and lubrication tank daily to see that the pressure and fluid levels are correct.
  • Check the air regulator and make sure the air pressure is correct and that there is no moisture in the lines.
  • Clean chips out of the machine daily, and check for areas where chips may collect and compact.
  • Check coolant daily and maintain the correct coolant level. Proper coolant mixture and cleanliness improve the machining operation; clean chips from the coolant tank regularly.
  • Periodically check the hoses, belts, tool changer and way covers for signs of wear or malfunction.
Daily Robot Preventive Maintenance

By performing periodic maintenance procedures, you can identify potential failures before the result in unexpected downtime – maximizing your robot uptime. For specific details, refer to your robot’s mechanical and electrical manuals.

Daily Maintenance


Before daily operation (with robot OFF and NOT in motion):

  • Check air pressure using gauges provided by your integrator.
  • Clean all sensors and optics, and visually inspect components for damage.
  • Check the mechanical unit for grease/oil leakage.
  • Check the robot controller cooling fans.


While the robot is in operational mode,

  • Check for unusual or strange sounds as it goes through its first cycle – this may indicate an internal problem. If that is the case, contact Productivity Service.

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